Airbnb Funnels $100,000 to Mysterious Degise Connected Non-Profit

According to recent election filings AirBnb funneled $100,000 through Keep our Homes to a mysterious Bayonne based organization.

The Voters Project is a non-profit corporation registered at 40 Avenue B, Bayonne. Also home to two of its trustees, Joseph Waks and Nancy Slowe, a married couple.

Joe is also The Voters Project’s registered agent.
While many know him locally as an artist he has an impressive parallel career in politics that culminated in a stint as Director of Municipal Services in Bayonne.
He is currently employed as a Project Manager at the Hudson County Office of Cultural Affairs & Tourism Development.
Joe is no stranger to super PACs.

The two remaining trustees are Jodi Drennan and Martin Budnick.

Jodi is currently aide to Hudson County Executive Tom Degise.
She is also president of the West Side Community Alliance who recently voted to endorse a Yes vote in the referendum.

Martin Budnick had a storied career as a Hudson County employee before ending up as an aide to Tom Degise, as this excerpt from an angry letter to the Jersey Journal in 2003 mentions –

There’s one more person we can connect to The Voters Project through the only other mention of it on the internet.

Craig Guy twice gave money to a super PAC called the Leadership Alliance for a total of $20,000. He listed The Voters Project as his employer and 40 Avenue B, Bayonne as his mailing address.
Craig Guy is Tom Degise’s chief of staff.

It’s worth noting here that AirBnb were accused of bribing a NY state senator earlier this year.

Beware any surprise endorsements this Halloween.

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