Airbnb Host Mocks Fire Victims

Less than 24 hours later

Four homes destroyed and 44 residents made homeless, and this guy’s first thought is to mock the victims as part of his pro-airbnb agenda. Even adding the hashtag of the official pro-Airbnb campaign, Keep Our Homes.

In case there was any question about motive, the JCPD and JCFD had backed vote Yes in the referendum the day before the fire. Many of those who risked their lives to save residents and prevent further the destruction homes were in attendance for the announcement.

Who is Jennyjcity?

Jennyjcity had recently changed their name from ZensuitesNYC.

Zen was recently accused of using 83 units as short term rentals in Jersey City.

With six units?


Zen is run by Vani management.

Whose principal is vocal critic of STR regulations Arun Goel and as this beef with Airbnb shows, uses the name Jenny.

This piece of filth has enough units to house everyone displaced by the fire.

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  1. I own a home on Belmont and we’ve had an Airbnb for a few year which was sold to an occupied owner. It caused chaos on our block with garbage out on wrong nights, wrong neighbor got a 110 ticket for it, he had to go to court, couldn’t get out of it because we couldn’t find the owner of the Airbnb, constantly blocking my drive for illegal parking, unloading luggage, having to call police to give out tickets, taking up badly needed parking for residents. Loud parties. Just one big hassle.

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