How Airbnb Bought a Referendum.

Airbnb and Keep Our Homes employee Liz Debold Fusco stands boxes of signatures her company paid for.

This post will prove that Airbnb forced Jersey City into a costly referendum by paying signature collectors to lie about the impact of the new ordinance.

Julia Bykhovskaia – Manhattan resident and 4 unit Jersey City Airbnb host.

The hosts, ever fixated with their personal interests, were relieved that they didn’t have to do any actual work or spend money.

Craigslist ad for signature collectors.

How is anyone able to make $1000 a week at $15 an hour unless there’s commission involved?

Petition signatory and Airbnb host Dr Nadia Sexton has casting notes.

Good point! It’s important for a corporation to maintain the illusion it cares about minorities while subverting our democratic process with money and lies.

Two messages from Airbnb clearly indicating the company itself was training people to collect signatures.

Now watch as we witness two of these canvassers “educate people about home sharing” and judge for yourself whether Airbnb lied to get signatures.

1 thought on “How Airbnb Bought a Referendum.


    what is soooo puzzling is that the regulations don’t even apply to that nadezhda “nadia” sexton lady –(the one casting for “multi-complexions” in the airbnb canvasers) to begin with (if we r to believe that they live in the home)!! .. if the regulations do not even apply to this lady wth is she leading the charge and taking the time to fight this? and she was the one who invited airbnb to enter the fight on their behalf. something very fishy here …and dr sextons argument that they will have to “bite the bullet” n go back to renting out says it all– this lady isn’t in it for the good of her community. her arguments about “transients” n parking probs apply more to n b guests than regular long term renters so really weak argument….btw her (EDITED) home/airbnb is listed as a 1 family on property tax rolls but clearly is a multi unit dwelling. so right there she underpaying taxes… this is purely about greed over neighborhood n community interests…but again if the regulations do not even apply to dr. sextons property wth is she the one leading the fight for airbnb? so something very off here

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