The Perfect Storm – Otis Duffy

Otis Duffy Center

A mere 7 months before the above photo was taken Otis Duffy, a 6 unit Jersey City Airbnb host, wrote the following blog post. I present it here without comment except to say that this is what Airbnb is defending.

“The perfect storm for Airbnb will be arriving in Jersey City for the following reasons below.  I am an expert in Airbnb, having hosted on Airbnb for approximately 6 years and currently a Superhost!I am a licensed real estate broker in both New York and New Jersey, landlord, investor, and Superhost on Airbnb!

Otis Duffy stands at rear as Airbnb and Keep our Homes employee Liz Debold Fusco lies to the media,

I am also head of the Jersey City Meetup for Airbnb!

I can teach anyone how to make six figures in their spare time being a host!

Yes that is right, over $100,000 in your spare time!

If you are interested in buying a property to become a host or have a property that you want to start generating serious returns then please reach out to me!

Otis Duffy helps Airbnb employee Kristal Haynes hand in the petition signatures Airbnb paid for.

Why rent a home for a year to tenants that you may have to evict, destroy the house, etc when you can make double or triple that amount and deal with amazing guests from all over the world!

62 Million visitors to NYC per year

February 2, 2019 AIRBNB shut down in New York

Approximately 40,000 Airbnb in New York

Approximately 2500 Airbnb in Jersey City

Jersey City legalized Airbnb

Shortage of Hotels in Jersey City

Cheaper prices than Manhattan

5 Minutes to New York City”

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